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Seducing an escort girl in bologna

escort-31Looking for escorts in Bologna ? so lets starts by assuming that you like to go for from time to time Escort girls in your area and there is no harm in that. But then, one fine morning, you crack on one of them after that you have bestowed a crazy GFE (a term used in Bologna ). You would have almost believed in the arms of your ex! Bottom line, you become totally hooked and ready to slam half your SMIC between Ludmilla arm.

How to seduce an escort girl?

This kind of girls is not the homebody style, of two things, either she is addicted and it is reciprocal and that’s good or it’s one way and you must gain her trust oh estimable to much effort.

Know that Escort girls in Bologna earn between 8,000 and 15,000 euros a month let alone travel, luxury apartment, jewelry and other free clothes they always have on them. It has a higher level of style than the average of its citizens and it will be very difficult to make him forget all that. She is used to the outputs in the best restaurants and clubs of France, will you be able to offer this lifestyle? We really need it crush on you to find a housewife.


Pretty escort girl,But rather listen to the testimony of Kevin, customer Escort 22, below we tell you his sentimental story with a Ukrainian Escort:

“I am a young man of 22, I have a girlfriend for a long time but I recently encountered an Escort on the net. Since I spent an hour with Ekaterina, I was hooked, not a day that I think about it. From our first meeting, the sex was fantastic, worthy of a true porn. She quickly told me she did that to finance her studies in international law. The following weekend, I reserve for 4 hours or 800 euros, which represents for me two weeks of salary. She’s sweet and has generous hugs. Over more than a dozen of our sex encounters, she told me she’s sick, her boyfriend is violent and I see in her eyes cast tears. I fall down because I realize that I have in front of me, a human being who is suffering, I want to help out, that’s my social side that takes the lead. Today, more than 3 months after our first meeting, she returned home and I’m like a dog, I do not know what to do.